Fiskars 9391 Low Profile 12-Foot Tree Pruner

List Price: $58.99
Price: $54.52
You Save: $4.47 (8%)

Product Details

Chain drive mechanism delivers up to 3X the cutting power for the toughest hardwoods
1.5-inch pruner capacity; hardened steel pruning blade with corrosion-resistant, non-stick blade coating
17-1/2-inch triple grind saw blade; utilizes no. 7933 replacement blade
Sturdy fiberglass pole with Quick Release extendable pole lock; 12-foot maximum reach
Lifetime warranty
Dimensions: 4 x 7 x 85 inches
Weight: 5 pounds
Review: 4 (9)

Product Description

For serious tree pruning jobs, this tool is right. the graceful in operation chain-drive mechanism offers a lot of cutting leverage to slice into the toughest hardwoods with simply a fast tug of the rope. The sleek head style fits into tight spots while not tangling. Users will take down sizable limbs with the 15" Woodzig saw blade. 1-1/8" cutting capability.

Customer Reviews

By Becky: I ordered this after a wind storm tore tree tops apart, leaving limbs caught in other trees. The combination of length of reach and the strength of this saw blade allowed us to safely clean up without ladder and chain saw.
By Mary C Platter:
: This pruner is so easy to use. It cut through the branches that were almost 3 inches thick with no problem. Easy to pull and cut with ease. Extends long enough to stand on the ground and not have to worry about falling off a ladder.
By Sherri L. Walker: I love my pruner! I have been able to get rid of all the dead branches from my oak trees, no more sticks all over the yard and I am trimming my black walnut tree down to a more manageable size. Getting branches that hang over the yard and are a safety hazard down, so that the kids are safe to play.
By JC: I found that this is a great pruner for the price. If you are not able to prune, the saw takes minimal effort.

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