Thursday, August 30, 2012

Your trees won't stand a chance

Reviews: Oster 5712 Fiskars 9301 Power-Lever 14-Foot Tree Pruner

We've got 10 mature trees in our lot and this pole saw/lopper/pruner cuts through all of them like butter. We have Silver Maple, Sugar Maple, Bradford Pear, Weeping Willow, Southern Oak, American Chestnut, and Southern Crabapple and none of them stood a chance against this powerful force of tree destruction. I started with the toughest chestnut branch I could find that needed trimming and could fit in the pruner hook and pulled on the rope. It sliced through it like butter. The compound lever design worked flawlessly from down low on the trunk to way up high and at awkward angles. Anyone who complains about this pruner simply is not using it right.

The saw (replaceable) has multiple positions available by using a wing nut adjustment. I found that making it at the angle shown in the default picture for this item (almost parallel to the rod itself) worked best in almost all situations. I cut through a 6" thick dead branch on a sugar maple with this at least 16' off the ground. It made a spectacular cracking sound as it crashed through the foliage to the ground. I'm glad it was me that took it out in a controlled fashion instead of crashing down on my kids. I feel better knowing that I have this tool in my arsenal against my arboreal opponents. Still gotta call a tree doctor to get the branches way up there, but for most of my tasks, this will do the job just great.

One other note, it's really fulfilling to find this on your doorstep in a 10' cardboard sleeve when you come home from work. I love Amazon.

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